Financial and In-Kind support sustains Music In The Park Atlanta’s music programming and our special projects.  As our school systems struggle for funding to provide core educational requirements; many music, art and drama programs have been lost. We all know that the arts and movement skills enhance achievement in science and mathematics, help develop problem solving skills and make our children well-rounded citizens of the world!  It is our objective to create opportunities for children and young people to express themselves and expand their minds through music. 

Your donation makes a strong statement about the importance of investing in art, culture and communities.  Whether your gift is $5 or $5000, it ensures that Music In The Park is able to develop and deliver quality educational activities and maintain the artistic integrity on our stages that our audiences have become accustomed to.  Click the DONATE NOW button below to support Music In The Park Atlanta and to keep the music playing for generations to come.  All donations are tax deductible. 

The Music, Lessons, Community Cultural Gatherings, Art, Clinics and more continue 7 days/nights a week, 52 weeks a year at Gallery 992 in Historic West End Atlanta across from Howell Park. See you there! 

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