C.J Reid

I am C.J. Reid, a singer songwriter from Atlanta Georgia. From childhood to adulthood, writing was always a passion of mine. I shared poetry on the spoken word scene for many years. In the early 2000's I was in a band called Cozmyk Embryo. Our sound was best described as alternative soul. I had wanted to learn to play the guitar and as I became more acquainted the instrument, I eventually fell in love with the song writing process. Writing was always therapy/ministry for me, but when the creative process infused words with music and melody, that is when real therapy began. Some say I have a unique voice to the unheard. I have an extensive range of taste in music like Jazz, Reggae, Soul, Folk, Hip Hop, Country, Rock, Punk, African, and World, that I creatively blend many of those genres with a strong message as a part of my writing style.

My influences are truly under the radar of local Atlanta artists like Doria Roberts, Dionne Farris, Joi, Donnie, Julie Dexter and I could go on and on. I am inspired the most by local artists that I've had the pleasure of working with like Zafar (my first guitar instructor), Pino Artee McCoy, Ryan Wilson, Dashill Smith, Mausiki Scales, Ingrid Sibley, Dorothy Bell and Paige Lackey Martin. These artists truly helped me find my voice. I want my music to be thought provoking. I write about life challenges as well as its triumphs with truth and authenticity. By sharing my music or writing for others my goal is to bring hope and healing to anyone that listens.

C.J. Performs on Sunday, April 17.  Learn more about C.J. by clicking here