Music In The Park centers our purpose and beliefs on the idea that music is an important component towards the development of well rounded youth.  The purpose of Music In The Park for students is to create a musical experience unlike the traditional classroom setting and to encourage a path toward performance as a career.  

We invite outstanding middle and high school aged students to participate in the 6th Annual Music In The Park Atlanta Music Festival on April 30 - May 1, 2016.   The Historic West End comes alive with music in Howell Park, the West End Performance Arts Center, the Hammonds House Museum and on street corners in between. This year we are dedicating Saturday to student musicians, ensembles and groups.  On Sunday, May 1 the amazingly talented composer Miguel Atwood Ferguson returns to Atlanta to conduct the Music In The Park  Orchestra along with top tier musicians who have made this event one of their must-do's for the past 5 years.

How To Participate

1. Ensembles

Ensemble Directors or independent student bands, use the link below to register your bands, jazz bands, concert bands and orchestras to perform on Saturday, April 30th.  Once you register you will be assigned a performance time slot and stage location.  Your performance time slots will be inclusive of load-in and load-out time.  Feel free to perform music of your choosing. Both traditional and non-traditional music are welcome. Equipment Notice:  Please bring needed percussion instruments.   Music stands will be available.  

2. Individual Student Musicians

Individual musicians in grades 7 through college are invited to perform in the Music In the Park Orchestra, which is not your traditional band/orchestra. You can expect to learn and perform seriously exciting, fun and challenging music alongside world-class musicians .  Our guest conductor is Maestro Miguel Atwood-Ferguson from Los Angeles, California.   His bio reads, "The depth and range of Atwood-Ferguson’s work is vast, having contributed to over 300 recordings, and countless live concerts. He has a rare gift and serious devotion and dedication to developing it; he effortlessly bridges diverse genres and generations of musical and cultural elements into cohesive and magical presentations."  Register today to be a part of a "magical presentation" at Music In The Park 2016!  

Note: Students must commit to three (3) rehearsals leading up to the May 1, 2016 performance.  Rehearsal days are April 13th, 14th and 30th.  The times and location will be sent to you via email once you are registered.  If there are students who are unable to participate due to transportation issues, please alert us.